Programme June 12


Conference Dinner

The final programme is still under consideration.

With the end of POAC 2019 coming up quickly, this day will be in the light of the Conference Dinner.

The day starts with keynote speakers and the first presentation session. After the lunch break again presentation sessions will be held.

In the evening you will all be welcomed at the Prinsenhof museum in the city center of Delft. This museum pays attention to three iconic topics to which Delft owns its national and international fame. Namely, Willem van Oranje, the ancestor of the Dutch King, Delft Blue porcelain and the artists and scientists who originate from Delft, such as Johannes Vermeer or Anthonie van Leeuwenhoek. Here, the POAC will enjoy a formidable Conference Dinner and off course the posibility is given to visit the museum.


08:00 - 18:00Registration desk openedTU Aula
Keynote speakersTU Aula
MorningPresentation sessions
TU Aula
LunchTU Aula
AfternoonPresentation sessions
TU Aula
EveningConference dinner
Prinsenhof Museum